April 27, 2008

Respected Sir(2): magic target for diabetes

Pratibha V. Nerurkar and Vivek R. Nerurkar


The endless quest for the ‘fountain of youth’ has led to the discovery of a family of molecules known as sirtuins in humans, or silent mating type information regulator 2 (Sir2) in yeast, which are associated with longevity in yeast, nematodes, drosophila and rodents. Although sirtuins have yet to be proven to delay aging and promote longevity in humans, they promise ‘healthy aging’, an ideal of modern society. This review emphasizes the role of various sirtuins in maintaining glucose
homeostasis, the therapeutic potential of sirtuin modulators in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, and the emerging associations of SIRT genetic polymorphisms with human longevity.

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