October 1, 1996

Age-Specific Native Hawaiian Mortality: A Comparison of Full, Part, and Non-Hawaiians

K.L. Braun KL, H. Yang, M.A. Look, A.T. Onaka and B.Y. Horiuchi

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Asian American and Pacific Islander Journal of Health

Purpose of the paper:  The purpose of this paper is to test if the previously identified disparity in mortality rates among full Hawaiians, part Hawaiians, and non­Hawaiians in the state of Hawaii has continued into the 1990s.

Summary of Methods Utilized:  Based on Hawaii vital records and population data, standardized age­specific mortality rates by cause and 95% confidence intervals were estimated.

Principal Findings:  The most striking finding was the significant differences in mortality rates in four age strata ­­ 45­54, 55­64, 65­74, and 75­84 ­­ with mortality rates highest for full Hawaiians, lowest for non­Hawaiians, and intermediate for part Hawaiians.

Conclusions:  Findings suggest that Native Hawaiians continue to be at greater risk of death compared with non­Hawaiians, with full Hawaiians at greatest risk.

Relevance to Asian Pacific Islander American Populations:  Asian and Pacific Islander Americans have been called the model minority. These data provide evidence that Native Hawaiians, especially full Hawaiians, have dramatically higher mortality rates than non­Hawaiians and merit special attention.

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