May 17, 2013

Análisis funcional en evaluación conductual y formulación de casos clínicos (The functional analysis in behavioral assessment and case formulation)

Joseph Keawe‘aimoku Kaholokula, Antonio Godoy, William H. O’Brien, Stephen N. Haynes and Aurora Gavino

Clínica y Salud (Clinical and Health)

This article reviews what information needs to be gathered to carry out the functional analysis of a clinical case, what the scientific characteristics of this information are, how to integrate available information, and how to graphically represent clinical judgments to make treatment decisions. Functional analysis is the integration of important, modifiable, causal variables and causal relations associated with a client’s behavior problems and intervention goals. We present a clinical case to illustrate the applications of behavioral assessment methods and to show how data obtained in the assessment process can be integrated into a functional analysis. Functional Analytic Clinical Case Diagrams (FACCD), which are causal diagrams of a functional analysis, are also introduced. The functional analysis and FACCD are designed to efficiently communicate the functional analysis to others, as an aid in teaching case formulations, and to assist in selecting the most beneficial intervention focus with a client. The functional analysis is a dynamic, hypothesized, idiographic clinical case formulation. The validity of a functional analysis can be confined to particular settings or contexts.

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