June 1, 2019

A Culture-Based Family-Centered Health Navigation Intervention for Chronic Disease Management in Native Hawaiians

Robin E.S. Miyamoto PsyD; Andrea H. Hermosura PhD; and Debieh A.R. Miguel Acido BA

Hawai’i Journal of Medicine & Public Health

Greater medical and psychological concerns coupled with disparities in income and education and experiences with cultural distress have created an unprecedented demand for health and mental health services for Native Hawaiians. With 75% of the healthcare system moving to a value-based system within the next 2 years, a low-cost workforce that brings added value will be in high demand. The addition of community health navigators to an existing integrated patient-centered medical home may result in a culturally congruent, preventive, and responsive model of wellness that promotes health equity. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the culturally-based navigation framework we used to implement a pilot program in an integrated primary care setting, describe the intervention that was used, and examine the lessons learned throughout the process. Outcomes will be provided at a later date. We believe that our model will not only redesign an existing clinical practice but also will provide a reproducible model that can be translated into other settings to increase the health care utilization among Native Hawaiians and lead to improved outcomes.

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