Research & Evaluation

Malama Pu‘uwai Study

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Risk factors associated with methamphetamine use and heart failure among Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Island peoples (Vascular Health and Risk Management 2009:5 45-52)

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Ho‘omau Ka Pu‘uwai (Maintaining a Healthy Heart) program
 Translation of the Mālama Pu’uwai Program. Collaboration between the Native Hawaiian Health Program, the Queen’s                                                                                                        Medical Center and John A. Burns School of Medicine Department                                                                                  of Native Hawaiian Health.

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mpp2HE HULIAU – FEBRUARY 5-7, 2009
Initial Findings: Methamphetamine Use & Heart Failure Among Native Hawaiians: The Malama Pu‘uwai Study

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14th International Congress on Circumpolar Health – Yellowknife, Northwest Territory, Canada, JULY 10-16, 2009
When Science Outpaces Native Political Will: The relationship of science to emerging indigenous partnerships

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