July 1, 2020

A Resilience Model of Adult Native Hawaiian Health Utilizing a Newly Multi-Dimensional Scale

Mapuana CK Antonio, Earl S Hishinuma, Claire Townsend Ing, Fumiaki Hamagami, Adrienne Dillard, B Puni Kekauoha, Cappy Solatorio, Kevin Cassel, Kathryn L Braun, Joseph Keawe’aimoku Kaholokula

Behavioral Medicine

Resilience has conventionally focused on an individual’s ability to overcome adversity. Recent research expands on this definition, making resilience a multi-dimensional construct. Native Hawaiians experience health disparities compared to the general population of Hawai’i. Despite the pressing need to address health disparities, minimal research examines resilience factors that serve as buffers for adverse experiences of Native Hawaiians. The purpose of this study was to estimate psychometric properties of scales that measured resilience-based factors through multiple levels using higher-order confirmatory factor analyses (CFA) and ascertain if this construct of resilience mediated or moderated adversity experienced by a sample of Native Hawaiians. Participants included 125 adults who participated in the Hawaiian Homestead Health Survey. Based on higher-order CFA, resilience comprised internal assets measured by hope, satisfaction with life, and environmental mastery, and external resources measured by social support and Native Hawaiian cultural identity. Results of the structural equation models were consistent with literature focusing on resiliency and health. Findings emphasized the importance of enhancing resilience by considering strengths and resources on the individual, interpersonal, and community levels. Findings also demonstrated the need to address adversity factors directly, with a specific need of addressing socio-economic status factors. According to structural equation models, resilience slightly mediated and moderated the effect of adversity related to socio-economic status. These findings have implications for future research exploring resilience as a mediator or moderator of adversity among Native Hawaiians and emphasize a multi-faceted construct of resilience to promote better health outcomes.

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