March 1, 2016

Engaging Pacific Islanders in Research: Community Recommendations

Jane J. Chung-Do, Mele A. Look, Tricia Mabellos, Mililani Trask-Batti, Katherine Burke, and Marjorie K.L. Mala Mau

Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action

BACKGROUND:  Health disparities continue to persist among Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (NHPI) communities.

OBJECTIVES:  This study sought to understand the perspectives of community organizations in the Ulu Network on how researchers can collaborate with communities to promote community wellness.

METHODS:  Key informant interviews and small group interviews were conducted with the leadership in the Ulu Network.

RESULTS:  Five themes were identified that highlight the importance of investing time and commitment to build authentic relationships, understanding the diversity and unique differences across Pacific communities, ensuring that communities receive direct and meaningful benefits, understanding the organizational capacity, and initiating the dialog early to ensure that community perspectives are integrated in every stage of research.

CONCLUSIONS:  Increasing capacity of researchers, as well as community organizations, can help build toward a more equitable and meaningful partnership to enhance community wellness.

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