April 1, 2015

Investigation of Stroke Needs (INVISION) Study: Stoke Awareness and Education

Marissa M. Ing M.S.W, Kristen F. Linton Ph.D., Megan A. Vento B.S., Kazuma Nakagawa M.D.

Journal of Medicine & Public Health

The objective of this study was to assess the overall understanding and effectiveness of current inpatient stroke education practice by using the data from the Investigation of Stroke Needs (INVISION) Study, a qualitative study assessing various challenges and barriers of the hemorrhagic stroke survivors and their caregivers. Semi-structured interviews were conducted on patients who were recently hospitalized with intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) and their caregivers during the follow-up visits. The electronic medical record for each patient was reviewed to assess whether they received standard stroke education material during their hospitalization. A phenomenological approach was utilized to identify gaps of education and knowledge in the targeted sample. A total of 21 participants were interviewed. Despite receiving formal stroke education material during their hospitalization, there were three major gaps in stroke knowledge that participants noted, including (1) lack of stroke knowledge/awareness, (2) need for stroke education, and (3) fear of recurrent stroke and comorbid diseases. The majority of ICH survivors had no memory of their hospitalization. This study suggests a need for increased continuity and communication with health-care providers to address the evolving educational and practical needs of stroke patients and their caregivers after hospital discharge.

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