October 1, 2015

Potentially Preventable Hospitalizations for Congestive Heart Failure among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Hawai’i

Tetine Sentell, Jill Miyamura, Hyeong Jun Ahn, John J. Chen, Todd Seto, and Deborah Juarez

Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health

Background:  Many congestive heart failure (CHF) hospitalizations are considered potentially preventable with access to high-quality primary care. Some Asian American and Pacific Islander groups have poor access to health care compared to Whites, yet CHF preventable hospitalizations are understudied in these groups.

Methods:  Hawai’i hospitalizations from December 2006 to December 2010 for Chinese, Japanese, Native Hawaiian, Filipino, and Whites aged 18+ years were considered (N=245,435). CHF preventable hospitalizations were compared in multivariable models by age group (<65 vs. 65+) and gender.

Results:  Native Hawaiians and Filipinos with CHF preventable hospitalizations were significantly (p<0.001) younger than other racial/ethnic groups. In adjusted models, Native Hawaiians and Filipinos of all age and gender combinations had significantly higher CHF hospitalization rates than Whites as did Chinese women 65+.

Conclusions:  High preventable CHF hospitalization rates are seen in some Asian and Pacific Islander groups, especially Native Hawaiians and Filipinos, who have these hospitalizations at younger ages than other studied groups.

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