January 1, 2002

The bioinformatics of microarray gene expression profiling

John N. Weinstein, Uwe Scherf, Jae K. Lee, Satoshi Nishizuka, Fuad Gwadry, Ajay, Kim Bussey, S. Kim, Lawrence H. Smith, Lorraine Tanabe, Samuel Richman, Jessie Alexander, Hosein Kouros-Mehr, Alika Maunakea, and William C. Reinhold


Gene expression profiling will revolutionize biology. That much is universally agreed. But it’s harder than it looks. In part, the reasons can be technical—substandard arrays, low signal:noise ratios for rare transcripts, variable backgrounds, cross‐hybridizations, the difficulty of processing clinical materials, and so forth. But more often the reasons relate to analysis and interpretation of the data. Inevitably, more time and energy are spent after the experiments are finished than before.

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