December 15, 2019

The Pacific Region Indigenous Doctors Congress Medical Student Track Report

Kadee-Kalia Tamashiro BA; Edy Kaleimomi Gomes BA; Nina Leialoha Beckwith MD, MEdT; Nash A.K. Witten MD; Ashley Morisako MD, MPH; Ka‘ahukane Leite-Ah Yo BA; Dee-Ann Carpenter MD; and Martina Kamaka MD

Hawai’i Journal of Health & Social Welfare

The 2018 Pacific Region Indigenous Doctors Congress (PRIDoC) conference featured a student track curriculum that was developed by students at the John A. Burns School of Medicine. Activities were designed around the student track theme, ho‘oku‘ikahi, meaning “unity” or “unify,” as well as the overarching conference theme ‘Oi Ola Wai Hōnua meaning “life is better while the earth has water.” Following the conference, surveys were distributed among the trainees who had participated in the student track. The survey feedback was used to evaluate the student track curriculum, as well as its execution. Learning objectives developed for the Student Track were (1) to build formal professional networks, (2) to build a knowledge economy with shared knowledge among participants, and (3) to engage in cultural experiences. Analysis of qualitative data suggest that all learning objectives were satisfactorily fulfilled through planned conference activities. The data will be used to facilitate student tracks at future PRIDoC conferences. The student track at PRIDoC aims to establish and contribute to an ever-growing international network of indigenous students that will extend into professional practice.

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